Key Trend 2023: #Atelier Expression

Stepping away from the overstimulating digital world, Gen Z’s drive for traditional

crafts and self-focused rituals is increasing. Expect young men’s lifestyle and

fashion trends to be influenced by softer aesthetics, breaking down gender

boundaries In a polycrisis world, Gen Z is embracing an ‘analogue’ environment,

aiming to fulfil meditative desires and engage in creative self-exploration.

Youth’s drive for self-focused activities stems from a renewed appreciation of

arts and crafts. Activities that have often been stereotyped as feminine activities

such as pottery, floristry, weaving and sewing are attracting young men. Read more

about expanding gender boundaries in our Youth Priorities 2023 report

Thrifting is a key shopping tactic for affordability and style, leading to the

popularisation of aged, naturally weathered tactile surface and vintage garments

Cosy, nature-inspired interior ideas are spreading on social media, in line with a

focus on nurturing the home and creating inspiring living spaces crucial to sustaina

ble urban life Be pragmatic while maintaining style. Liberating, comfort-driven

silhouettes combined with decorative textile and colours deliver an effortlessly

dressed, youngartist look.