Key Trend 2022/23: Cyber Raver

Influenced by #y2k, a hedonistic view of the future is revisited through the

growing possibilities coming from the metaverse, resulting in an over-the-top,

sensual aesthetic for the youth market


As virtual and physical worlds continue to collide, digital-inspired aesthetics

increasingly influence product. This Cyber Raver direction merges futuristic

designs, contrasting brights and distorted prints with bodycon, sensual


Gen Z is becoming the first generation to truly embrace phygital design, as

the #metaverse expands the possibilities of what they can wear and how – whether

that’s through avatars or using 3D digital design and AR on top of IRL pieces

The hedonistic mood of the turn of the century is brought back through popular

#y2k themes, translated via party-ready design and #90srave references

The Cyber Raver aesthetic adds to our #comfyparty story, with bold statement looks

that are built from #youthessentials such as jersey pants and minidresses,

renovated via surface interest including sheer mesh and #digitalfilter prints